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How to use your Pepper Spray

How to use Pepper Spray

If you buy pepper spray YOU MUST learn how to use it correctly and actually keep it in your hand, on your keys or somewhere that you can easily get to it in an emergency. This means that you must familiarise yourself with holding the can and picture how and, when, you would use it.


  1. Do not attempt to use pepper spray against a firearm
  2. Do not attempt to use pepper spray during a home invasion – there are usually more than one robber and the robbers are already in your home where they can use deadly force without the risk of being seen
  3. If you do not use the pepper spray correctly you may make the situation worse
  4. Here are some important points to consider:
  • They type of pepper spray (stream or jet, mist or fog or foam and gel)
  • The range of the pepper spray (usually 3 meters)
  • How to arm and disarm the canister
  • The number of sprays – good to know for multiple attackers
  • How often you should replace the pepper spray – usually every 12 – 16 months since the plastic head and nozzle tends to wear
  • How to correctly grip the canister of pepper spray – you must use your entire hand to grip the can and your thumb must be propped on top, ready to spray
  • How to use your thumb to spray and not your index finger
  • How to spray an attacker – (across the eyes in a horizontal motion in the case of a gel or jet and vertically from the top of the head to the mouth in the case of a gas but, in an emergency either would suffice as long at the eyes are hit)