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Pepper Spray – Everything you Ever Needed to Know

Pepper Spray – Everything you Will Ever Need to Know to Keep yourself Safe and your attacker away

And that is really the point. Youw ant to deter any would be attackers by threatening them with the pepper spray and if they are that stupid, because its never brave to take on pepper spray, then so be it. As anyone who has experienced teargas will tell you, and again, unfortunately too many South Africans have, it is not a walk in the park or a day at the beach. And by deterring would be attackers that is what you ultimately want, a peaceful walk in the park and a calm day spent at the beach at whatever time YOU choose! But more about the pepper spray.

Pepper spray is a non-lethal irritant that is scientifically referred to as Oleoresin Capsicum – it is literally pepper spray, made from peppers. The Capsicum that you buy at Fruit and Veg or Checkers. Caspian is the primary irritant in pepper spray and,  is extracted from red hot chilli peppers! It’s also used in creams and gels to relieve joint and muscle pain although, our very famous Deep Heat and Arnica Gel brands, don’t contain it.

Pepper spray also consists of water and alcohol, as well as some form of propelling agent/s such as; nitrogen, carbon dioxide or halogenated hydrocarbons. The dangers of exposure to pepper spray or, Caspian, is well documented and this study published by C. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH, and Woodhall Stopford, MD, will take you through some of the health hazards of Caspian exposure. These include everything from skin blistering and burns to airway edema and respiratory arrest.

Is it dangerous? Yes. It is a weapon and not a toy. Do not demonstrate it in enclosed spaces that are smaller than 3 square meters. There have been multiple reports of death, most notably, death in children as a result of respiratory arrest following accidental exposure to pepper spray. I’m not going to lecture anyone about this and, it’s not the subject of this article but, if you have children and, you can’t store the peppery spray away with 100% certainty that your children will not be able to reach it, don’t buy it or keep it.

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