Price List

NEW PRICE LIST SUMMARY  20 February 2018


LED Wheelies – one wheel (battery) R 500

LED Wheelies – two wheels (battery) R 550

LED Wheelies – two wheels (rechargeable) R 600

LED Accessories

LED EL panel T-shirts (rechargeable) R 290

LED Colour shoelaces (battery) R 80

LED White shoelaces (battery) R 90

LED Gloves R 80

LED caps lit rim (battery) R 120

LED caps 5 bulb (battery) R 120


LED Sneakers and Shoes

LED Shoes Yeezy Velcro  (rechargeable) R 430

LED Shoes Yeezy style (rechargeable) R 500 – R550

LED High Tops (black, white, red, pink, blue) (rechargeable) from R500/R550/R600 – rise per size

LED Shoes Plain tekkie style (rechargeable) from R400/R450/R500/R550/R600 – rise per size

LED Metallic Shoes ( silver, gold and pink )  (rechargeable) from R500/R550/R600 – rise per size

LED Bling High Tops (black, white )  (rechargeable) R600

LED White Diamante High Tops  (rechargeable) R650

LED Perspex Stiletto Heels NEW PRICE LIST SUMMARY 20 February 2018R800

Wearable tech


Bluetooth caps  (rechargeable) from R 250

Bluetooth caps printed (rechargeable) from R 220

Bluetooth beanies (rechargeable) from R 250

Android Smartwatches – various from R 300

Android health monitors (‘fitbits’) from R600

Waterproof mobile cases R 90

Mobile armbands R 100 and R120

LED party decorations

LED Balloons (5-pack) R 45

Panama/Jazz hats (battery) R 120

Kids novelty hats (battery) R 35