HD Digital TV Antenna for Indoors ( no tools , no drilling and no wiring needed)



Clear vision indoor HD Digital TV Antenna Brand New and High Quality! Easy to install – no tools, no drilling or assembly required – just simply attach to window or wall with the 2 suction cups and plug into your TV. Tune channels on your TV Includes 10 ft coaxial cable with standard connector. Free over the air-digital and high definition signals from local major networks right to your TV without any monthly bill, all you need is the HD Clear Vision as seen on TV the amazing HD digital antenna. Installs in minutes simply attach HD antenna to any window, wall, door, anywhere. Plug cord into the back of your TV and start receiving new shows for free – without any bill or contracts. Features innovative flat, super thin antenna, suction fasteners and 10 ft. coaxial cable with standard connector. Receives high definition 1080P channels. Product Specification:- Support:HDTV 1080P, 1080i, 720P Gain: 25DB Frequency range: 470-860 (MHz) Output Impedance: 75 (Omega) VSWR: Less than or equal to 3 (dB) Operating voltage: 12 (V) Size:Approx.19*12.5cm Please Note: Please make sure your TV and the antenna connector is matching If use old analog TV, you must use a Digital Converter Box. Digital TV can be used directly.When connected to TV,you may need a digital converter box. When you connect to desktop,you may need a TV tuner card. When you connect to a notebook computer,you may need a USB adapter. *HD channels are dependent on your location, proper setup of the HD Clear Vision antenna, and location of HD broadcasters. *Channels will vary from User to User*. Product Features: Free over-the-air (OTA) HD channels right to your TV set See channels from major networks Super thin antenna Receives 1080p HD channels No monthly bills What’s Included:- 1 x HD Clear Vision HD Digital Antenna 1 x 3m Coaxial cable with standard connector 2 x Suction cups