Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulb with remote control – Screw in Type E27

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Remote Controlled Rechargeable Emergency LED Screw in Type E27 Light Bulb with 16 SMDs

The rechargeable emergency light bulb with remote control gives you approximately 5 hours of brightness (depending on charging and usage conditions). It has super low power consumption and comes with a handy remote control to switch it on or off, making it ideal for those power outages. This energy saving rechargeable emergency light bulb has a low power consumption rate and is 80% more energy efficient than a normal incandescent bulb. It can be used with standard lamp holder. It has two switch settings: AC-OFF-DC. When the switch is set to DC position, and the lamp is fully charged it can be used as an energy saving lamp. When the switch is set to AC position and plugged in, it will automatically light up if the mains power fails. It will automatically charge up again when the mains electricity comes back on. It has a built-in high energy lead acid battery of 4.0V / 0.7AH and 16 long life SMD LEDs.
• Two functions: Emergency illumination and normal lighting. Automatically lights up when mains power fails
• Remote controlled. Lights up for approximately 5 hours on battery, depending on the charging and usage conditions.

Battery: 4.0V / 0.7AH Sealed Lid Acid rechargeable battery
LED: (1) ø8 x 7pcs (SL788-A).
Charging time: Approx 15 for 18 hours Light
Duration: Approx 4-6 hours / Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 132mm

Please charge the light regularly as it becomes dim and regular charging helps to prolong its life span. It must be charged at least 8 hours every 3 months. Switch the light off if not in use. Keep away from water. If used or charged below 32f (0°C) or above 104f (40°C) the efficiency will be decreased.

Specification: 1. Battery: MA/H maintenance free sealed acid battery 2. LED: 22 grains 3. Package size: 110x110x110 MM Notice: Both light on and off of the LED lamp (DC key and AC key) can be controlled with the remote control. Intellectual charge works whatever key you press. It is not suitable for open air or moist place

Which is better SMD or LED?
An LED DIP chip will typically produce around 4 lumens per LED, much less than the newer chips. SMD stands for Surface mounted diode and are much smaller and efficient LEDs than the previous DIP chips. They have become popular due to their versatility and are typically mounted and soldered onto a circuit board. One of the biggest improvements is that SMD spotlights offer a higher lumen output for a lower energy consumption – making them more powerful and energy efficient than older LED lights. This is because they work on the principle that fewer and larger SMD LEDs produce a greater lumen output.

What’s in the box
1 x Screw in/E27 3.5W LED Bulb device
1 x remote device with CR 2032 lithium battery

Product Dimension Diameter – ø 87 Height – 130mm
Package Dimension 135x92x95mm