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MXQ PRO TV Android box – QOTD

What to do if your box does not switch on?

If the box does not switch on and just shows a small pinprick of light where the ‘ON’ light indicator usually shows it could be that your power adapter could be faulty. This can happen if the device remains plugged in over a period of time and the item is not used. Sometimes the plug could just be faulty. Now that loadshedding has returned as an item on the daily or weekly South African schedule it is wise to keep an eye on the schedule and unplug all devices before or just after the electricity has gone off.

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How to use your Pepper Spray

How to use Pepper Spray

If you buy pepper spray YOU MUST learn how to use it correctly and actually keep it in your hand, on your keys or somewhere that you can easily get to it in an emergency. This means that you must familiarise yourself with holding the can and picture how and, when, you would use it.


  1. Do not attempt to use pepper spray against a firearm
  2. Do not attempt to use pepper spray during a home invasion – there are usually more than one robber and the robbers are already in your home where they can use deadly force without the risk of being seen
  3. If you do not use the pepper spray correctly you may make the situation worse
  4. Here are some important points to consider:
  • They type of pepper spray (stream or jet, mist or fog or foam and gel)
  • The range of the pepper spray (usually 3 meters)
  • How to arm and disarm the canister
  • The number of sprays – good to know for multiple attackers
  • How often you should replace the pepper spray – usually every 12 – 16 months since the plastic head and nozzle tends to wear
  • How to correctly grip the canister of pepper spray – you must use your entire hand to grip the can and your thumb must be propped on top, ready to spray
  • How to use your thumb to spray and not your index finger
  • How to spray an attacker – (across the eyes in a horizontal motion in the case of a gel or jet and vertically from the top of the head to the mouth in the case of a gas but, in an emergency either would suffice as long at the eyes are hit)


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Pepper Spray – Everything you Ever Needed to Know

Pepper Spray – Everything you Will Ever Need to Know to Keep yourself Safe and your attacker away

And that is really the point. Youw ant to deter any would be attackers by threatening them with the pepper spray and if they are that stupid, because its never brave to take on pepper spray, then so be it. As anyone who has experienced teargas will tell you, and again, unfortunately too many South Africans have, it is not a walk in the park or a day at the beach. And by deterring would be attackers that is what you ultimately want, a peaceful walk in the park and a calm day spent at the beach at whatever time YOU choose! But more about the pepper spray.

Pepper spray is a non-lethal irritant that is scientifically referred to as Oleoresin Capsicum – it is literally pepper spray, made from peppers. The Capsicum that you buy at Fruit and Veg or Checkers. Caspian is the primary irritant in pepper spray and,  is extracted from red hot chilli peppers! It’s also used in creams and gels to relieve joint and muscle pain although, our very famous Deep Heat and Arnica Gel brands, don’t contain it.

Pepper spray also consists of water and alcohol, as well as some form of propelling agent/s such as; nitrogen, carbon dioxide or halogenated hydrocarbons. The dangers of exposure to pepper spray or, Caspian, is well documented and this study published by C. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH, and Woodhall Stopford, MD, will take you through some of the health hazards of Caspian exposure. These include everything from skin blistering and burns to airway edema and respiratory arrest.

Is it dangerous? Yes. It is a weapon and not a toy. Do not demonstrate it in enclosed spaces that are smaller than 3 square meters. There have been multiple reports of death, most notably, death in children as a result of respiratory arrest following accidental exposure to pepper spray. I’m not going to lecture anyone about this and, it’s not the subject of this article but, if you have children and, you can’t store the peppery spray away with 100% certainty that your children will not be able to reach it, don’t buy it or keep it.

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Coming soon – online payments

So its been a long road and we have almost arrived. We are happy to let you know that we are almost there with our online payment platform. What? I hear you say. Seriously. I know, its been long in coming and yes, its not rocket science but you forget, we are family run start up.



That’s 2018 speak for a corner shop that is reaching for the stars, yes a mom and pop store. We know that we can, like the little choo-choo train, and we are moving this show forward. So please watch this space!

We value you, our customers and potential customers. The platform will be 100% secure and we have a zillion ways for you to pay. Ok, just 6 :)) but zillion just sounds cooler. Each of you are unique and we wanted to make sure that you had as many choices as we give you with our products.

These are the ways that you can pay:

Visa Checkout
Allow your customers to pay online easily with a single sign in. Visa Checkout works with any major credit or debit card, and is supported by most devices that can access the web, which include smartphones, tablets and computers.

Bank EFT
Your clients can now make Bank EFT payments to your Sage Pay account at any of the five major South African banks.

Cash payment
Clients can pay you using a unique barcode by printing and presenting it to participating retail outlets including Checkers, Checkers Hyper, OK, Shoprite, USave, House & Home, and the SA Post Office.

Credit Card
Accept local and international MasterCard and VISA payments. Our transactions are 3D secure, protecting you from fraud and reducing chargebacks. No need for credit card merchant facilities at your bank.

Instant EFT
Your clients can now make real-time payments without having to recapture any bank details. You receive a notification as soon as their payment has been made, so that you can dispatch goods or services without delay.

Offer your clients the convenience of using their Masterpass digital wallet, which allows for hassle-free and secure online payments from their connected device.


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The future of LED: Fashion and Function

LED Lighting: the fashion trend you weren’t expecting

Fashion of the future may come in many forms. Hussein Chalayan designed a range of what were called ‘video dresses’. These dresses were made from 15,000 LED’s.

LED Dress

A model poses in a LED dress at its demonstration in Tokyo June 7, 2007. The dress, with light-emitting diode devices installed inside, was designed by Swarovski and Hussein Chalayan and was made available in the Japanese market in the fall and winter season in that year, according to the news agency Reuter.

Morning routine. Wake up, brush your teeth, and choose your outfit from a closet full of LED embedded clothes. Rewind. Re-imagine your morning routine. Just take any item of clothing from your wardrobe. You can change the message on your Tshirt or the logo on your jeans by tapping on an app on your phone.

While this may seem farfetched, technology and fashion are overlapping now more than ever. From fitness bracelets that track your heartbeat to glowing sneakers, we are relying more and more on technology to enhance our daily lives.

 Wearable technology, specifically with integrated LED lighting, has been on the rise at major fashion events such as the global Fashion Weeks. In 2012, designer Philip Treacy debuted a line of LED hats, and Dutch Princess Marilène of Orange made an appearance at the Rijksmuseum in 2014 donning an LED collar.

This perhaps unlikely trend became more of a reality at this year’s Fashion Week in London, New York and Paris as designers showcased their latest innovations on the runways. LED lighting is quickly becoming an “it” item in the fashion world.

Is wearable tech finally fashionable?
 Sometimes your clothes need a little sparkle. And sometimes, they need hundreds of tiny light bulbs that illuminate with messages.

LED-enhanced outfits seem to be creating their own niche in the billion dollar fashion industry lately. Unsurprisingly, celebrities have been among the first to showcase the new light-up fashion.

Earlier this year, House of Fraser’s, one of Britain’s leading department stores, debuted its “technology enhanced gown” during the BAFTA awards. The gown, embedded with LED lights and motion sensors, detects movement and changes light accordingly.

A London based technology fashion house called Cute Circuit created the first Twitter dress for singer Nicole Scherzinger in 2012. The outfit allows tweets with a specific hashtag to flash across the dress. Cute Circuit has other celebrity clients, including Katy Perry and Sarah Brightman.

led dress cute circuit

But wild light-up dresses aren’t just for the runway or red carpet.

California-based technology fashion company, Electric Styles makes LED-shoes, light-up electro hoodies, bras, neckties and caps for the not-so-famous.

“There is a cultural shift in fashion where the young generation is taking over,” said Electric Styles’ CEO Nick Kneuper. “Previously, you won’t be able to wear them because they were considered weird but people today want to be a little weird. It’s a form of expression.”

Kneuper projects the company’s sales this year to grow two-fold to $2.5 million. Electric Styles has grown to a $10 million dollar clothing brand since its founding in 2012.

switch embassy
Switch Embassy’s texting shirt

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New York based fashion startup Switch Embassy sells outfits that allow you to display customized LED-lit text messages sent from your phone via Bluetooth.

Funded by Scottish whiskey manufacturers Ballantines, Switch Embassy has developed shirts that allow you to say “go away” to unwanted attention without even using your vocal cords.

Using smart fabrics from Swiss textile manufacturer Forster Rohner, these LED embedded textile are durable, versatile and powered by mini rechargeable batteries as big as a “pinky.”

Cute Circuit, a pioneer in the wearable technology industry, also created the “hugshirt”, an outfit that sends hugs remotely, and the “Twirkle dress”. Combining “twinkle” with “sparkle”, the Twirkle dress is a micro-LED dress that lights up and changes color according to the movement of the wearer.

“It’s a very interactive dress,” said Cute Circuit’s CEO Francessa Rosella. “It makes you want to move more and be active to showcase the color.”

Cute Circuit has embarked to create LED outfits that allow customers to change designs from a selection of patterns from the company’s database.

The Italian born Rosella said this allows customers to save on buying multiple cheap dresses and just invest in one with many patterns.


CuteCircuit, a company that focuses on wearable technology and interactive fashion, introduced an iPhone-controlled mini skirt. That’s right: you can now control your clothing using your smartphone. Using a special Bluetooth app and a microscopic chip inside the garment, users can now change the color or pattern of their skirt. The app, “Q by CuteCircuit,” allows the user to download different patterns and connect other pieces of clothing and accessories that house the same chip. With this kind of technology, fashion is truly individual and customizable.

The company’s skirt was such a hit that its designers, Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, turned it up a notch this at this year’s Fashion Week. The two have now connected the app to Twitter. The wearer of the garment can now create a hashtag, and have their friends’ Tweets broadcasted on their clothing when they use that specific hashtag.

If displaying your 140-character thoughts on your clothing is too revealing, consider beginning your LED style with a simple dress. Richard Nicoll featured a Disney Tinkerbell inspired dress during his 2014 show in London. The famous fairy’s contagious glow was captured in this sheer dress adorned with green LED lights, which fittingly resemble Tinkerbell’s “pixie dust.”

From the runway to the closet, high fashion is taking a high-tech turn, and, while wearing LED lighting may not be as common as wearing jeans, the future of fashion is definitely looking bright.



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KIDS GPS Smartwatch: Helps you to keep your kids safe and contactable NOW R400 (Q523) SOLD OUT

Main Features:
– GPS + Base Station Localization Way: Two modes positioning
– SOS Emergency Button: One button SOS, dial family numbers automatically
– Safe Area: GEO-fencing, smart alarm
– Alarm Types: Low-power alarm, drop-off alarm
– Family Call, One Button for Help: By long pressing SOS button, the smart watch will dial 3 numbers until anybody answers it, so parents will know kids’ location
– Do not Disturb Setting: You may customize the time if you don’t want to be disturbed when you are at class
– Dismantle Alarm: Wear the watch over 3 minutes, then unpack the strap, the APP will receive the dismantling alarm information. This function also can be closed when you don’t want to wear the watch
– Screen Size: 1.44 inch screen

· This smart watch will only work with GSM networks: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz.
· Unlocked for worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible.
· Please check with your carrier / provider before purchasing this item
· This watch is compatible with Android and iOS. Please consult user manual for more details

Built-in chip type: MTK6261
Bluetooth Version: No
SIM Card Slot: Standard SIM card slot
Network: GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900MHZ
Functions: Voice calling, 30-character text messaging, voice notes, Alarm, GPS, SOS, Geo-Fence
Screen Screen: TFT
Screen size: 1.44 inch
Battery Type: Li-polymer
Power: Built-in Battery
Compatible OS: Android,IOS
Language: English
Style: Sport (pink, blue, orange/yellow)
Type: Smart Watch
Index Dial: Digital
Case material: Plastic
Band material: Flexible PU
Movement: Digital
Dial Shape: Square
Waterproof: No  (waterproof model available)
Package: 1 x Q523 Children GPS Smartwatch 1 x USB Cable 1 x English User Manual

Kids GPS Smartwatch

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Kids shoe guide: When does my child need new shoes?

Kids’ Shoes

When does my child need new shoes?
Kids’ feet grow fast. But when should you replace your child`s shoes? Simply when they are worn out? or when the shoes are too small? And since your kids shoes are obviously worn out (or you would’t be on our site 🙂 – go ahead and knoock yourself out!). Since kids’ feet are growing fast, the shoes will probably get too small before they are worn out. But how would you know? There should always be a gap/ room between kid’s toes and the shoe tip. The child should be able to wiggle his or her toes – also “the little toe”. The “toe space” should be minimum of 0,6 cm (1/4 inche). Can’t feel through shoe’s upper? Remove the soles from each shoe and place the child’s feet on top of them. You will then figure out whether the shoes are too small or not. Another tip? The shoe itself is usually about 5cms bigger than the childs actual foot. So you can usually measure the shoe and then subtract 5cms if you’re feeling like a bit of math exercise : ).

You should also make sure that your child`s shoes are wide enough. Indications of too narrow shoes: – The shoes are bulging at the sides (usually the outer sides of the shoes). – The child is complaining on pain in this area. – If you notice irritated areas at the outer side of the foot (take of the child’s socks and study both feet after he/she has worn the shoes for a while). See more about Shoe Width.

Never let a child wear shoes that are too small! Check their shoe size often (their feet grow fast!) Since children’s feet are developing, too small shoes can result in foot health problems. Many adult foot issues have their origins in poor-fitting shoes during childhood.

Children’s shoe size tips
* When buying new shoes, there should be a gap/ room (toe space) of approximately 1.25 cm – 1.9 cm between the longest toe and the end of the shoe (shoe tip).

* Always try on both shoes. Size can vary a bit from one foot to the other. Conventional wisdom holds that the left foot is bigger than the right foot.

* Ask the child to stand while trying trying shoes on. If they sit, you will get a wrong impression.

* Watch your child walking with the shoes on. Make sure that the heel doesn’t slip when he/she walks.

* Always try shoes with the type of socks you intend to use in the shoes. Try winter shoes with thicker winter socks, and summer shoes with thinner summer socks.

* Be careful with “almost right sized shoes”. One size too large is OK (but not recommended). Too small shoes are a “NO-GO!” Never buy “a slightly too small” pair of shoes, just to hope they will fit after a “breaking in period”. It will not happen!

* Ensure to buy shoes with laces, velcro or some other fastening system for children. Then it is possible to “adjust” shoes width, and it is also good for children’s foot health.

Buying children’s shoes online
The safest way to find a perfect-fitting pair shoes for your children’s feet is definitely to try them on in a shoe store. But it is far easier, and cheaper to shop kids’ shoes online – we know. And there are also more models to choose from online. So if you like “living on the edge” – simply shop your kids’ shoes online. But if you do, always remember…

* Which shoe brand are you shopping for? Shoe sizing can often vary a bit between different shoe brands. Check if you already have a pair of shoes from the same brand. If you do, it is likely that the whole range will be based on that size.
* Ensure to buy shoes with laces, velcro or some other fastening system for children. Then it is possible to “adjust” shoes width, and it is also good for children’s feet health.
* Which kind of socks will your children wear? Accommodate to wear i.e. thick socks in winter shoes. This might require approx. 1/4 inches (0,6 cm) larger size.
* Try the shoes on in your local store – and buy them online! Is it rude? Not at all! Competition is a health sign – also in the shoe business. You might tell your local retailer that you have seen the shoes cheaper online – and give her/him the opportunity to match this price. That’s fair.
* Check the online store’s return policy. It might be necessary to return the shoes if they don’t fit, so choose an online store with a liberal return policy (some have free return included).

Lastly, any online retailer worth their salt will have a guide with measurements so you can measure your childs foot and then check that it will fit.

Measure your child’s shoe size
Measure your child’s feet to find the right shoe size. How to measure? Simply see our Shoe Size Measuring Guide. It’s easy! Use measurements as a guideline when trying new shoes in store, or when shopping shoes online.

Kid’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart/ Kid’s Shoe Size Converter
Are you living in South Africa, but found some cute girl’s shoes on Amazon or a European online shoe store? Or have you seen the coolest boy’s shoes in a Japanese eBay store? When shopping shoes online, you might need a shoe size conversion chart that you can put your trust in.