Your go to specialist for wearable tech and smart home and work devices that make your life easier and fun.

Join the latest urban fashion trend of wearable technology. Fun and function all in one.

Some of the items that we stock include wearable tech accessories as well as wearable fitness trackers and mobile and computer accessories.

Find some unique items like Bluetooth Caps or Beanies ( USB rechargeable ) and EL sound activated T-shirts ( with USB charger)
Perfect birthday gift and for the festive season music activities. Fun and function all in one!Other must have LED items for that unforgettable party experience:
*LED Wheely shoes
*LED shoelaces
*LED earrings
*LED balloons, etc.

How can YOU get LIT UP?
If you are in Cape Town please WhatsApp us if you want to collect your order. You can collect from us in the Wetton Worx Business Park in Wetton: 14 Mercury Crescent, Wetton.

For everywhere else please whatsapp or email us:-
Whatsapp: 0764318030
Email: info@globalfamilyproducts.co.za

We can easily have your order delivered by door-to-door courier nationwide (overnight to major centres).

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Instagram: @globalfamilySA
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